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    Peer Review

    Check out Megan’s blog I was assigned the blog “The Kindness Lifestyle” and at first glance it is very pleasing to look at. The colours go with the background image of the blog and I really love looking at the ‘Welcome’ page. You get to see an intriguing visual which draws you in to see more of the blog. It is very organized and easy to find their blog posts and about me page. The viewer can see the logo right away and it makes you want to read more because the logo is really cute and dainty and not too cluttered. When you scroll down you see an area…

  • posiel,  Process Posts 101,  PUB101

    How I socialize

    Being a teenager, we tend to use multiple versions of social media to communicate with one another. When I meet someone new and become friends, the first thing I ask for is their instagram or snapchat just because that is what we know. I talk to my friends all day on snapchat and and I can see what they are doing from instagram. We live in a world where we feel like we have to post photos and videos to show people what we are up to and where we are. Thanks for reading! xx