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    It’s me! Harley

    Hi puddin, Harley Quinn, nice to meet ya. I may not be a super hero but I do know a thing or two about looking good. I always want to be looking my best, especially for Mr.J, so I try to always think of something new. It was once my black & red skin tight suit and now it’s ripped tights a cute shirt and some of my fav accessories. I try to add to my costumes, before it was my cute mask and now it is my adorable “puddin” necklace and my baseball bat. I would show you all how to rock my outfits like I do, but i’m…

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    Blog Setup

    I had a really fun time learning how to work WordPress. It took me a while to understand how everything worked and how to organize my page properly, but when I finally learnt I was super into creating my own page. I had fun customizing my site to represent me and what I like to do. I am excited to keep posting and writing about things that I am passionate about. For PUB101 I will be writing about Fashion and Lifestyle. Thanks for reading! xx

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    How I socialize

    Being a teenager, we tend to use multiple versions of social media to communicate with one another. When I meet someone new and become friends, the first thing I ask for is their instagram or snapchat just because that is what we know. I talk to my friends all day on snapchat and and I can see what they are doing from instagram. We live in a world where we feel like we have to post photos and videos to show people what we are up to and where we are. Thanks for reading! xx

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    What I wear while on vacation!

    I’m on vacation in Vegas, so I decided to show you guys what I have been wearing for the past 3 days. Packing is very difficult for me because I never know what to wear until I am actually at my destination. I always am afraid I am packing to much for hot weather and too little for cold weather, but for this trip I somehow packed perfectly and did not over pack. I wanted to look chic while also being comfortable so I found that these outfits worked perfectly for me! I also did not find myself too hot or cold in this 16 degree weather. Outfit 1: Bodysuit-…