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    Peer review #2

    For my 2nd peer review in PUB201, I have gotten the pleasure to look at Colorful Panels by Erika Hance. When I first open her blog I find it very visually pleasing and everything is laid out very well and in an organized manner. It didn’t take me long to understand how to work her page, she has her menu to the left of the screen underneath her blogs logo so it is easy to know where to go. One of the first things to grab my attention is Erika’s logo. I enjoy how it is big enough to see what’s going on inside it and it is bright and…

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    Peer review #2

    Park on the Water For this second peer review, I got assigned Park on the Water by Lucas Park. I found his page super interesting because of the layout of the blog. It is very simple, but I found the design of this blog kind of difficult to navigate. When you first enter the blog the first thing you see is his most recent post. Unfortunaty, the blog posts letters are coloured white, which interferes with the background header. It is somewhat difficult to read the preview of the post because of this. I also found it difficult to find what I was looking for on the site. There are…