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    Essay #2

    This term in PUB101 has changed the way I have looked at publishing. I have never been someone who has had a blog, let alone posting every week for it. This blog has definitely opened up my thinking because I never would have thought I was going to have a blog at this time of my life. I also never thought I would enjoy creating blog posts every week. In the beginning of this process I knew I wanted to create something that I would take pleasure in writing about. I also thought if I was to read a blog, what type of blog would I want to read about. …

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    Social media platforms do not create democratic spaces for dialogue

    Social media has become a space where individuals can post, say or do whatever they want, sometimes there are repercussions but usually, there are not. We live in a day and age where social media is now the norm of society and if you don’t have Instagram or Facebook you’re considered strange because everyone is doing it. When I hear “democratic space,” I start to think about a place that is safe and everyone is considered equal. If you were to ask people, I’m sure many of them would claim that social media is not a democratic place because of everything that goes on between all of our social apps.…