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Peer Review

For this peer review I have gotten the opportunity to look over Merciless which is Hannah Hood’s blog. I enjoyed looking over her blog because it is about fashion which I am very interested in. By reading her introduction you can tell that Hannah is very passionate about fashion and this is what she wants to pursue. What I can tell from her blog is that the brand she is trying to get into is the fashion world. In her introduction she says that she will be reviewing trends and runway looks, and once she starts posting more frequently she could get brand deals with clothing companies and review their brand, or she could get invites to runway shows and then blog about the line and looks after.

What I see as Hannah’s professional self when I look at her blog is that she is going to blog about any fashion trend no matter what it is and give her own professional opinion about it. She doesn’t seem like the type of person to pretend to like something just to get more of a following which many people do. I feel like people have different senses of style and with Hannah’s photos of herself you can see how she likes to style herself and what type things she enjoys to wear. You can also see Hannah knows what she is talking about as well. The photos of herself shows her followers that she has a good sense of style and you can trust what she is talking about. As an outside observer I really enjoy the layout of how she posts her blogs. I appreciated that she posts photos of the outfits or Instagrammers that she is referencing so it is easy for me to understand what and who she is talking about.

As a newbie to WordPress myself I understand that it is confusing to learn how everything works all at once. It can be overwhelming to change how the whole site looks because you don’t really know what you’re doing and don’t want to mess up the whole thing. Some things I think Hannah could change would be the organization of the blog. I was just a bit confused trying to find her ‘Introduction’ page because I thought it would be under her recent posts. I also think it would be more engaging if Hannah started to use a feature photo in some posts so the viewers can see what she is talking about before even clicking on the post.

I think Hannah’s blog is really interesting and I am excited to follow her journey. I am happy she chose to write about something that she loves because as a viewer I can tell that it is her passion and what she enjoys to talk and learn about.   

Go and check out Hannah’s blog, I promise you will all love it!!

Thanks for reading!


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