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Peer Review #3


I have gotten the privilege of reviewing Veronica’s blog ‘Veronicaaarstad’. At first glance, I can tell that this blog is a fashion blog and more so catered towards girls. I get that vibe because of the colours used on the home page (pinks & white).

It is very easy to navigate around because there are tabs for everything and you can easily find her posts when you go onto a page. I really enjoy how the about me page is simple but you still learn a lot about her. You get to understand why she decided to make this her blog and how she became interested in this topic.

I really like how her socials are linked at the very top and they are bolded so it is super easy to notice them and want to click on them. The home page of the site definitely makes me more inclined to want to read more because everything is so well put together and it is all organized super nicely.

She has put her site together very nicely because I feel like right when you click into the site, you know exactly what you are about to read because of the design of it. I would say she has made a brand for herself because the whole idea of her blog is reviewing jewellery from Stella and dot. If a jewellery brand was to find her blog they would be super interested to see if she would want to review their product. If I was super interested in Stella and dot jewellery I would definitely keep up with this blog to see all the new products, new trends and what she thinks of the product.

I also really like how she included multiple pictures in her posts because I think it is important for her to show the reader the product she is testing out. Some of the pictures in each post are Veronica wearing the product, one thing I would like to see more of, are pictures of her wearing more of the products because then the viewer can see what the product looks like on someone. To me, I find this very important because people like to see someone wearing a product in day to day life and not just on a model from the website. If they see it in action, then they get a real idea of how it would look on them and then they might be more inclined to buying the product.

Another thing I think Veronica should do is have ads on her blog. I think this is a good idea because she could get jewellers and fashion designers to have their ads appear on her page.

To conclude I really enjoyed browsing Veronica’s page and definitely think you guys should check it out!

Thank you for reading!!


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