Process Posts 201,  PUB201

My Written Presentation

The name of the company that I have chosen is called ‘BeautyBlondie’. I chose this name because I felt like it fit well with everything I am going to be creating on my blog and I am blonde so I just felt like the name was fitting. I have loved beauty and fashion since I was 11 years old and I have always wanted to create something that had to do with it. I have always been passionate about makeup, the reason for this is because I feel like anyone can express themselves however they can, no matter what gender and age. It is okay for anyone who wants to wear makeup to put it on and I think it does a great job of showing people who you are. It is easy to get lost in a world of makeup and you can change what you look like in a matter of minutes. Now that I have grown up and been able to dip my toes in the makeup world, I would say I have become more of an expert in the field and know a lot more about makeup. I have tried so many different types of looks and tried many different trends since 2011 and I have realized what works for me and what looks ridiculous on my face. I have also learnt that what works on my face may not work on others and vice versa. I have always wanted to create something that had to do with beauty and fashion and the only thing that I thought of creating was a YouTube channel. At the end of 2018, I started a YouTube channel which I put a lot of effort into, but then I started to feel uncomfortable about it and embarrassed. I realized that this is not what I should be doing at this point in my life because I obviously wasn’t ready to be put myself out there yet. I then started PUB201 and I didn’t know exactly what this class was about and then I realized we had to create a blog. I then started to get excited because all I had to do was just write about something I am passionate about. As soon as I posted my first blog post I knew this is definitely a hobby that I was going to continue throughout the year. This blog is something that I am very passionate about and I am so grateful that I took this class because otherwise, I wouldn’t have thought to create a blog.

I was very excited to create my blog because there was so much that went behind it. I decided to create a logo for my blog because I wanted to brand myself.

I have decided to use this image as my logo because I loved how it made me feel. I created this image because I wanted to portray the fact that anyone and everyone is allowed on my blog no matter what. I tried to illustrate that by having the two hands holding up a heart. Usually, when you see these types of hand holding up something, it is normally holding up the world to create a sense of unity. The reason why I chose to have the hands holding up a heart instead of the world is because I wanted to show people that you are loved and welcomed no matter what. At first glance, you would probably think it is super girly (which it is) because you see all of the colours which are pink and white and the marble background also creates the “girly” looking blog. I wanted to use these colours because I believe they look really good together and they make the blog look fresh and clean. One thing that I wanted to do that was considered different from other beauty/fashion blogs, was the ‘Product of the Month’. I decided to create this because I wanted to show my viewers what I am interested in and loved during that specific month and I also wanted to help people if they are looking for something specific, maybe my product of the month would help them because it may be one of the products they are choosing between.

I have had google analytics for about 2 months now and I have learnt some cool things about how my blog is being accessed and who is viewing my posts. With Google Analytics, I get all the information I would ever want to know. When I first log onto my analytics account I get to see how many people have viewed my blog in the last 7 days. I am also able to see my bounce rate and how long people stay on my blog.

I really like how I am able to see who is viewing my blog. I can see who is returning to my blog and then I am also able to see how many people are new to my blog.

I found it super useful too because there were features I never thought I would be able to find. I liked how I could see how my blog was being accessed (e.g. Mobile, desktop) because then it shows me that I need to make my blog accessible for all types of devices otherwise it might not look as good on one as it may the other.

I definitely have more people then I would ever have thought of viewing my blog. I have been super surprised by the number of people that have seen my blog because I didn’t think people would actually find my site and read my posts.

The initiation that I have taken to market my blog has been a few different types of ways. I have created an Instagram for my blog where I try to post photos weekly that have to do with the blog posts I have just written. I have realized that it is easy for people to find me on Instagram because I can do as many tags as I want and that is where I get the most views on my photos from. I also really enjoyed using Instagram as a marketing tool because I was able to tag the brands I was posting about and most of the time the company would respond to the post or Instagram story. I found that very useful because this whole term my goal has been to have the brands see what I am posting about them. I have also found it a great way to get other brands that I am not advertising to message me and they have asked me to work with them. I have gotten many messages from many different types of brands like swimsuit, clothing and jewellery brands. I have taken up two brands on becoming an “ambassador” for them and one of them was a clothing company, but unfortunately, the items that I got were horrible and nothing like how they were shown on their website. I ended up not posting any pictures of me wearing the clothes because I didn’t want my followers to get scammed from this site. The second company I have become an ambassador for is a jewellery company and I am excited to see the piece I have gotten. The necklace that I have ordered hasn’t come in the mail yet, but I am hopeful that this brand doesn’t rip me off because I would love to be able to post about a brand on my Instagram and blog. I want to be able to post something about a company I have worked with because it shows that I have worked with brands before and if a company is wondering if they should message me that other brand deal may make them think that I am good person to work with. The marketing strategies that I have taken when it comes to things in my actual blog. I found it hard to get brands to find my actual blog and I don’t think any brand has seen my actual blog yet, but I have linked every company that I have talked about but that’s as far as I marketed on my actual blog. To make my blog grow in the next few months I think I am going to just keep doing what I’m doing because it seems to be working. I will post more on my Instagram account because I have been lacking recently and I want to keep the page up. I also want to create working with brands so more and more brands will want to work with me.

To conclude I believe investors should support me because I am giving my audience real and authentic reviews and opinions in every post I create. I am always honest and I want my viewers to know that I am giving them real makeup looks and actual tips and tricks. You can already tell that I am honest with my viewers as you can see because I turn down brands if they are not up to my standards. I think more companies need more authentic brands that represent them because then people will know they are not afraid to give honest views even if it might affect their relationship with the brand. I have been so grateful to be given this opportunity of creating my own blog on whatever I wanted to.

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