Assignments 101,  PUB101

Essay #2

This term in PUB101 has changed the way I have looked at publishing. I have never been someone who has had a blog, let alone posting every week for it. This blog has definitely opened up my thinking because I never would have thought I was going to have a blog at this time of my life. I also never thought I would enjoy creating blog posts every week. In the beginning of this process I knew I wanted to create something that I would take pleasure in writing about. I also thought if I was to read a blog, what type of blog would I want to read about.  During this spring semester I have taken both PUB101 and PUB201 and I choose to write about different subjects for each course. For PUB101 I chose to write about fashion and lifestyle and for PUB201 I chose to write about beauty. I have been very invested in my blog and making sure all my blog posts have been my best work I could produce and making sure that I am posting something that people will enjoy reading. Since I have chosen to write about fashion and lifestyle for PUB101, I am going to focus on those two categories during this essay.

I have created a fashion and lifestyle blog called ‘Beauty Blondie.” I chose to use these categories for my blog because I have always been interested in fashion and lifestyle. I have always been someone who wants to show people new things I have discovered or show off an outfit that I really enjoyed wearing or new items that I found and became obsessed with. Since I was in grade 7 I have always been into fashion and watching peoples YouTube videos whether it be fashion or lifestyle type vlogs. During these times it was mostly YouTube videos, but then these youtubers started to create blogs. They were pretty much the same concept of their videos, but instead they were typed and put into words. I wanted to create something like that but I never really did anything about it until I started in PUB101. I created ‘Beauty Blondie’ for people who enjoy fashion and lifestyle type blogs. I wanted people to enjoy what they were reading and wanted them to learn new ideas and tips from my writing. Anybody is welcome to visiting my blog no matter what gender or age you are, but my blog is more directed towards teenagers because I am dealing with myself mostly and I am 18. An 18 year old’s style and interest are very different then someone who is in their 40’s. I wanted people to gain something new after reading my blog and coming back to keep learning. I try to give my audience what they want but I don’t have that many people coming to my site yet so nobody is complaining or asking for certain type of posts. One thing I do to try to keep my followers happy is to just keep posting things that work with fashion and lifestyle so people don’t get annoyed if I post something that has nothing to do with “Beauty Blondie.” Once I get around 50 more followers on my blogs Instagram account I will start doing polls to see what people are interested in and what they want to read about. I would love  if people started to leave comments on my blog posts on what they want read next and I would be happy to honour that.

During this process of creating my blog I started to use google analytics and it was very helpful to learn about my audience. Google analytics informed me about my audience for my blog which was super interesting to learn about. I could see that around 62.96% of people who were visiting my blog were from the United States and 33.33% are from Canada. I was also surprised when I saw I had one visitor from the UK which is interesting because you don’t think about people from Europe visiting your blog. Google analytics is a super good tool to have because you can cater towards the people seeing your posts. If a majority of people from a certain country are seeing your blog then you could post about things that they can access where they live so they can relate to you and they would most likely come back to the blog. I am also able to see the percentage of people who are returning to the blog and people who are new. This is a good feature to have because then you can understand how many people are coming back out of the amount of people who have viewed the blog. One of my favourite parts about google analytics is that you can see which posts have gotten the most views and which ones people are not looking at. This is a good feature because it shows me what people enjoy reading and what they didn’t like. I wanted to use google analytics because I wanted to see who was interested in reading my blog and where it was the most popular. I also believed that have google analytics would influence me and what I posted because I was able to see which posts were the most popular and I could cater my future posts towards the analytics. I was also just curious to see where the people who visited my blog were from and how they came across my blog. I have learnt a lot from google analytics and very glad that I had downloaded it.

I had many ideas about what publication was before I started this class and since January I have learnt so much about it. When I first came into PUB101 I thought it was going to be about me writing blog posts, but with no help from the professors. During the classes I have learned so many tips and tricks about publication and things that helped me in the long run with my blog. Some of the tips that have stuck with me a lot are tagging people & companies if I am talking about them in a post (week 2), how to design my blog properly so people will be engaged (week 5), who my audience is and how to expand my audience (week 6) and how using social media will help my blog grow no matter what (week 7). Some of my goal are to use my socials a lot more then I have been. I want to use Instagram to promote my blog a lot more and to get more people to view my blog. My main goal is to keep my blog running as long as I possibly can and to keep creating whatever I want. I am really grateful that I was given the opportunity to post about whatever I want without anybody telling me what I am allowed and not allowed to do.

In conclusion PUB101 has taught me so much when it comes to the publication of one’s self and it will help me when I continue the blog without having the class to lean back on. This class has shown me how to appeal to a certain audience and that I can post anything and because I am passionate about the blog, it will always be something I will want to do. I will be keeping up my blog for as long as I can and I am very excited to see where it will take me in the future.

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