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Peer Review

Check out Megan’s blog

I was assigned the blog “The Kindness Lifestyle” and at first glance it is very pleasing to look at. The colours go with the background image of the blog and I really love looking at the ‘Welcome’ page. You get to see an intriguing visual which draws you in to see more of the blog. It is very organized and easy to find their blog posts and about me page. The viewer can see the logo right away and it makes you want to read more because the logo is really cute and dainty and not too cluttered. When you scroll down you see an area where it gives you two options of things to read which are ‘academics’ or ‘blog’. I find this to be a really good idea because it doesn’t make the page to busy and it makes it look very organized.

The blog posts that have been made are very interesting and I was very engaged when I was reading them. I really enjoy how most of her posts have photos included in them because it makes it easier for people to read, especially if paragraphs on paragraphs make people very bored. The more photos, the better because I believe people will engage more on the page. I really enjoyed reading her ‘about me’ page and the very first blog post she created. I enjoyed these posts because you can really tell who she is and what she wants to achieve by creating this blog. I did check to see if the blog was compatible with an iPhone and I actually really liked the layout of it and everything was just s organized as it looked on the computer. The home page was a bit messed up when I searched it up online but I don’t think there is anything she could do about that.

Her writing seems very professional and I enjoy reading her posts. I haven’t seen any spelling or punctuation mistakes so I feel like it makes it easier for the reader to read and not get sidetracked from spelling mistakes. A few things I think Megan could improve on are just the blog and academic page because I think she would be able to make them super cute and interesting to visually look at!

Other than that I think her blog is a super creative idea and very interesting to read because now a days you don’t typically see blogs for this subject. I will definitely keep up with her blog and I am excited to see how it progresses in the future.

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