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Valentines Shopping Guide: For Him

We all know shopping for a guy is one of the most difficult things to do EVER! How about shopping for him on valentines day, it’s 100000x harder. When it comes to shopping for me it’s the easiest thing to do, chocolate and a card, that’s it and I’m in love. For a guy, it is so much more difficult because if you’re like me, you never know when to stop shopping for them. You just keep going and going because you don’t want to him to one-up you and you do not want to feel like you got him less then what he got you. We all know valentines day is all about the love and if you two agree not to get gifts, good on ya because you just made your lives so much easier.

Here are a few things you could get your man especially if your shopping last minute!

Tom Ford ‘Tabacco Vanille’: This is a really great gift because it is an expensive purchase so you S/O would pretty much love you forever. It smells AMAZING and this is definitely a must when I’m shopping for my boyfriend because I know he loves it but he never buys it for himself so its a nice treat for him to get!

Sugarfina ‘Valentines set’: These candies are always the best. I get them for Christmas, birthdays, anniversaries and so many more holidays. There is always a candy that anyone would love and when it comes to packaging, it is the most adorable packaging I’ve seen. You can pick and choose what candies you want in your personalized box and your man will definitely love it.

CDG ‘Logo shirt’: This shirt is a cute idea because of the little heart on it. He will for sure love this shirt because these are some of the comfiest shirts and they have these cute designs. Even though its a heart, I know for a fact he will love it.

Calvin Klein Underwear: Underwear is a must, no matter what. They will forever be grateful for you because I feel like a guy cannot have enough underwear.

Classic Red Checkered Vans: Men love Vans for their comfy shoe. Personally, I love Vans too. They are probably one of comfiest shoes I own. I know boys have the checkered Vans in multiple different colours. Personally, this is one of my favourite ideas because my boyfriend could never have enough pairs of these shoes because he always ends up wrecking them. These shoes are also on sale right now too so its a super good time to swipe a pair for you S/O!!

Hope I’ve helped someone who’s having a tough time shopping for your S/O! Have an amazing valentines day!!

Hope you guys enjoyed!


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