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10 Things to do in Vancouver

As a Vancouverite myself I have gotten pretty good at finding things to do when I get bored. There are so many things to do in this big city even if you want to go the cheap route (let’s be real, who doesn’t?!) I have gotten pretty good at finding things to do and places to go considering i’m the type of person who wants to do something new all the time. So here are 10 things anyone can do here in Vancouver.

1. On a nice sunny day, going to a beach is one of the best things to do. In vancouver it is so pretty to go and visit one of our many beaches even if it is super cold outside. There are a countless number of beaches in Vancouver. You have Kitsilano beach, English Bay, Jericho beach, Ambleside, Dunderave, Second beach etc… The list could literally go on for hours. All of these beaches are beautiful to visit in the summer, fall, winter and spring (just make sure your dressed properly). If your someone who is into instagram, these spots make for excellent insta worthy beach pics as well.

2. Fly Over Canada: This would be considered more of a splurge for me because I could find many other things to do that are cheaper, but it is such a cool experience. This ride costs $35 and it is something I think everyone who is from Vancouver or just visiting should do. Everyone knows what ‘Soaring over California’ at Disneyland is…right?? Well this is exactly the same thing, except flying over Canada. You get to see all of Canada in 15 minutes, I mean pretty cool am I right.

3. FOOD! FOOD! FOOD! I swear I think we have some of the best food ever here. My personal favs are sushi and ramen and I am not kidding when I say I could eat them both every day. For sushi I have a few favourites, Zen sushi, Ki Isu sushi. Bene sushi is also one of the best on the North Shore as well and they also sell ramen so its a win win situation. Downtown, Miku and Minami are two of the best places for sushi. Now for my all time favourite RAMEN. I haven’t explored that many ramen places because I like to stay with what I know, but a few of my favs are Gyoza Bar, Kintaro and at the International Food Fair, there is a great little ramen stand. The best part about it is that you will be paying a max of $15 for Gyoza Bar which is the most expensive out of all of them. (Pro tip: If you want your ramen spicy just get spicy sauce on the side and you won’t have to pay extra for a spicy broth).

4. One of the coolest things about Vancouver is Granville Island. This is because there are so many things to do and it is not too expensive. You can watch plays, drink, eat and go on a ferry boat ride. It is located right on the water so you get to see all the boats ride by and there are so many attractions to see. There are also a few areas for kids including parks and play areas so it is child-friendly! They have so many options for food, there are many restaurants and a food court for you to choose from. If your a fan of beer, your in luck because Granville Island Brewery is located right in the heart of Granville Island. This beer is known all over so if you’re close to Granville Island, I would highly suggest checking it out.

5. If you end up in Vancouver during the fall – spring time, I would highly suggest checking out a hockey game. The Vancouver Canucks are one of our most prized possessions, and if you don’t know how crazy Canucks fans can get, take a look back to the 2011 Stanley Cup Playoffs riot (yep that’s how loyal we are). If you want to see what being a true Canadian is like I suggest heading to the game in your Canucks gear and while your there, get yourself an amazing Triple O’s burger and some popcorn and your set for the game!

6. This is an activity for a sunny day but if you like to walk around, Stanley Park is the place for you. It is beautiful when it’s nice out and you can walk through the park and see things you never thought you would see. For example, the Botanical Gardens, the hallow tree, ride the train, have a meal at one of the many restaurants or even check out the aquarium. The sights are beautiful and you get the nice ocean breeze while your walking as well. You get to look at all the nature and you also get to say you have visited the 3rd largest park in Canada.

7. If your the type of person who is outdoorsy then this is for you. We have SOOOOOOO many trails here, it’s hard to know which ones to pick. Now I am not the most outdoorsy person but I have tried a few, so from my experience these are ones that I think are the best and have the coolest views. Joffree Lake is absolutely breathtaking (literally and figuritvly) It is not necessarily in Vancouver, it is around a 2 hour drive to Pemberton but it is so worth it. The view that you get at the end of it is beautiful and makes the whole hike worth it. Quarry rock is also a great hike to do, it is located in Deep Cove and it leads you to an amazing view of the ocean. Whyte Lake is the last trail that I have tried and it is a good easy little hike. I take my dog to this one all the time and he loves it! You end up at Whyte lake (hence the name) and there is a dock and in the summer it is so fun to go swimming and the dogs love to jump in the water as well! All hikes are dog friendly except Joffree as of summer 2018.

8. Another cool thing to do that is outside is visit the Capilano Suspension Bridge. This place is cool because there are so many things to do here in every season. For example, in the summer you can walk across the bridge but you can also walk down to the water and go swimming. There are also cliff jumps that you can do if your a daredevil ;). In the winter they put up Christmas lights all over the park and there are many Christmasy activities you can do too! In the fall and spring your better off just going across the bridge because it is to cold to be going in the water.

9. Gastown is a super interesting sight to see. It is best known for having a unique strip of stores, restaurants, bars and for its steam clock. There are so many cool places to visit while your walking down the cobble stone streets. You will find somewhere to eat in no time and if your vegan there is a great restaurant called meeT, I don’t usually like vegan/ vegetarian food but I have to admit it was pretty good. There are also some super cool dessert places you could stop at too.

10. Last but not least to end this fun trip, you have to live it up for a night so I suggest Yaletown. It is in the centre for all things fun, there are 2 blocks of bars and restaurants that everyone will enjoy! If you want to get drinks you are in luck because I think Yaletown has some of the best drinks you could get. If you are underage and you just want to have some fun and go out for dinner, there are so many places that you can choose from. The nightlife experience in Yaletown is one you will never forget and you can hit one place after another.

Hope you guys have found something fun to do after reading this and try some of these places out! If you do try something DM me a picture on my instagram @the.beauty.blondie

Thank you for reading!


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