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What I wear while on vacation!

I’m on vacation in Vegas, so I decided to show you guys what I have been wearing for the past 3 days. Packing is very difficult for me because I never know what to wear until I am actually at my destination. I always am afraid I am packing to much for hot weather and too little for cold weather, but for this trip I somehow packed perfectly and did not over pack.

3 outfits for 3 days

I wanted to look chic while also being comfortable so I found that these outfits worked perfectly for me! I also did not find myself too hot or cold in this 16 degree weather.

Outfit 1:

Bodysuit- Aritzia

Sweater- Aritzia

Pants- Aritzia

Outfit 2:

Sweater- Aritzia

Leggings- Lululemon

Shoes- Yeezys

Outfit 3:

Top- Aritzia

Pants- Levi’s

Belt- Gucci

Shoes: Yeezys

Thanks for reading!


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