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Favourite sweaters right now

I know its March but where I live it is still super cold. Definitely sweater weather still. I was never a huge sweater fan because I could never find ones that looked super flattering on me so I just stuck to sweatshirts and crew necks instead. I went shopping the other week and found some cute sweaters that I have been obsessed with and cannot stop wearing.

I went to Topshop, Brandy Melville and Aritzia to find sweaters and I was very surprised when I found one in each store that I loved.

This was the first sweater I found and it is from Topshop. I was surprised to find a sweater like this because I have been wanting one in this style for so long. I love how the arms are wider and then the sleeves start to get tighter the farther down the arm you go. I am also very happy it is in grey because I feel like grey doesn’t wash me out as much as other colours do. It is super comfy and to some it may look itchy but it is not at all.

The second sweater I found was from Brandy Melville. I wasn’t sure about it at first but then it started to grow on me. The arms kinda do the same thing as the other one, just not as intensely. I also liked how it was a navy blue because all the sweaters I have are black or grey. It is super comfy and it fits a bit oversized too.

I got this sweater at Aritzia. They have many different colours but I chose the green so I would have something different in my closet. This is definitely not a classic sweater, you could call this more of a sweatshirt. I like it though because it doesn’t look like an ugly sweatshirt, it looks like you put a little more thought into your outfit. It is super comfy and has kept me warm every time i’ve worn it.

Go and check out their websites because all of them have so many more sweaters then what I have shown you. Hope you all enjoyed reading!


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