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    End of PUB101

    As the spring semester comes to an end, so does PUB101. I am very glad that I decided to take this class and I would recommend it to anyone. I have learnt so much about how to create something that I am super interested in. I had always wanted to create something that had to do with something that I enjoyed. It has shown me that I am able to create content and that I can actually get views. I have decided that I am going to try to keep my blog running once PUB101 is over because I am interested in blogging and I want to keep it up.…

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    Peer Review #3

    Live Like Joao I have gotten the opportunity to review the blog “Live Like Joao” created by Joao Paulo Alves. The first thing I notice when I enter their page is a cover photo of really good looking food and I can immediately tell this blog is a food blog. I find that the page that first comes up when you open this blog is very interesting because you see this yummy looking food and the colours that were chosen work really well together. I think the red compliments the opening page because you don’t miss it and your eye will then be drawn to the top where the menu…

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    Beauty Blondie’s Audience

    The audience I am aspiring to bring in is people who enjoy learning about fashion, makeup and what do if they feel like there is nothing to do. I made this blog so I could help people who maybe don’t know a lot about makeup and fashion. My blog is not specifically targeted to one gender. Anyone who wants to learn how to style clothes and how to apply makeup is welcome. This blog is definitely directed more towards teenagers and people in their 20’s because I am dealing with my own face and my own body, which is very different than a 40-year-olds face & body. My blog is…

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    Peer review #2

    Park on the Water For this second peer review, I got assigned Park on the Water by Lucas Park. I found his page super interesting because of the layout of the blog. It is very simple, but I found the design of this blog kind of difficult to navigate. When you first enter the blog the first thing you see is his most recent post. Unfortunaty, the blog posts letters are coloured white, which interferes with the background header. It is somewhat difficult to read the preview of the post because of this. I also found it difficult to find what I was looking for on the site. There are…

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    Designs of a Blogger

    This week I have decided to look at a website called Love Lauren Elizabeth. I have chosen to look at how she designs her blog because I really like how it looks and she is where I get my inspo from. This blog was created by Lauren Elizabeth, she is 24 years old and she is a Youtuber, actress and blogger. I have watched her on Youtube since I was 13 years old so I would say I have been a pretty loyal “fan” of hers. Her blog is what I had looked at before I started BeautyBlondie because I didn’t know where to start. I wanted to make sure…

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    My last hour with internet

    This week our class had a discussion about what we would do if we had only one more hour of internet left for our entire life. This got me thinking because I feel like that is so much pressure to think of everything I would want to accomplish within that last hour. I could scroll through all my social accounts one more time, watch an episode of Netflix, download videos, music or pictures there’s just so much to choose from. If there was only one more hour of internet left, I think I would probably download some of my favourite pictures and some movies and tv shows. Other than that…

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    Peer Review

    Check out Megan’s blog I was assigned the blog “The Kindness Lifestyle” and at first glance it is very pleasing to look at. The colours go with the background image of the blog and I really love looking at the ‘Welcome’ page. You get to see an intriguing visual which draws you in to see more of the blog. It is very organized and easy to find their blog posts and about me page. The viewer can see the logo right away and it makes you want to read more because the logo is really cute and dainty and not too cluttered. When you scroll down you see an area…

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    Blog Setup

    I had a really fun time learning how to work WordPress. It took me a while to understand how everything worked and how to organize my page properly, but when I finally learnt I was super into creating my own page. I had fun customizing my site to represent me and what I like to do. I am excited to keep posting and writing about things that I am passionate about. For PUB101 I will be writing about Fashion and Lifestyle. Thanks for reading! xx