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    Product of the Month

    The product of the month that I have chosen is fashion related instead of beauty related. If you guys haven’t read my other ‘Product of the Month’ posts then let me give you a short explanation. This is an area where I share my favourite product of the month that I have been wearing or trying out. All of the products I have chosen so far have been beauty related so now I’m going to show you guys a fashion favourite for March. This months product is the ‘Levi Ribcage Straight Jeans’. These jeans are some of my favourites for many reasons. They are very comfortable and they fit very…

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    Short Essay #1

    When I think about a public, I think about everyone who is in the world no matter who it is or what they do. I also believe that publics are groups of people who share the same beliefs and values, maybe the same work ethic and the same interests and hobbies. They are a group of people who work with one another to create a group. I think I have gotten this idea about what a public is, is because when I think about it, I just think about everyone in the world, but not everyone shares the same passions or values, so we unconsciously create these groups of people…

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    Peer review #2

    Park on the Water For this second peer review, I got assigned Park on the Water by Lucas Park. I found his page super interesting because of the layout of the blog. It is very simple, but I found the design of this blog kind of difficult to navigate. When you first enter the blog the first thing you see is his most recent post. Unfortunaty, the blog posts letters are coloured white, which interferes with the background header. It is somewhat difficult to read the preview of the post because of this. I also found it difficult to find what I was looking for on the site. There are…

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    Peer Review

    Check out Megan’s blog I was assigned the blog “The Kindness Lifestyle” and at first glance it is very pleasing to look at. The colours go with the background image of the blog and I really love looking at the ‘Welcome’ page. You get to see an intriguing visual which draws you in to see more of the blog. It is very organized and easy to find their blog posts and about me page. The viewer can see the logo right away and it makes you want to read more because the logo is really cute and dainty and not too cluttered. When you scroll down you see an area…

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    10 Things to do in Las Vegas (underage)

    As you may know, I was just in Las Vegas for the weekend with my family. You may also know that I am 18, so I am underage because the legal age in the USA is 21. So I thought about creating this post so teens like me know that there are fun things to do there even if you aren’t 21! 1. Go and see a show. There are so many shows to choose from, whether it be Cirque Du Soleil, magic shows, comedy acts or even a hockey game. There are so many options to choose from but there is a show to see for everyone! I went…

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    It’s me! Harley

    Hi puddin, Harley Quinn, nice to meet ya. I may not be a super hero but I do know a thing or two about looking good. I always want to be looking my best, especially for Mr.J, so I try to always think of something new. It was once my black & red skin tight suit and now it’s ripped tights a cute shirt and some of my fav accessories. I try to add to my costumes, before it was my cute mask and now it is my adorable “puddin” necklace and my baseball bat. I would show you all how to rock my outfits like I do, but i’m…

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    Blog Setup

    I had a really fun time learning how to work WordPress. It took me a while to understand how everything worked and how to organize my page properly, but when I finally learnt I was super into creating my own page. I had fun customizing my site to represent me and what I like to do. I am excited to keep posting and writing about things that I am passionate about. For PUB101 I will be writing about Fashion and Lifestyle. Thanks for reading! xx