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    Peer Review #3

    STYLExVeronica I have gotten the privilege of reviewing Veronica’s blog ‘Veronicaaarstad’. At first glance, I can tell that this blog is a fashion blog and more so catered towards girls. I get that vibe because of the colours used on the home page (pinks & white). It is very easy to navigate around because there are tabs for everything and you can easily find her posts when you go onto a page. I really enjoy how the about me page is simple but you still learn a lot about her. You get to understand why she decided to make this her blog and how she became interested in this topic.…

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    Peer Review #3

    Live Like Joao I have gotten the opportunity to review the blog “Live Like Joao” created by Joao Paulo Alves. The first thing I notice when I enter their page is a cover photo of really good looking food and I can immediately tell this blog is a food blog. I find that the page that first comes up when you open this blog is very interesting because you see this yummy looking food and the colours that were chosen work really well together. I think the red compliments the opening page because you don’t miss it and your eye will then be drawn to the top where the menu…

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    Peer review #2

    Park on the Water For this second peer review, I got assigned Park on the Water by Lucas Park. I found his page super interesting because of the layout of the blog. It is very simple, but I found the design of this blog kind of difficult to navigate. When you first enter the blog the first thing you see is his most recent post. Unfortunaty, the blog posts letters are coloured white, which interferes with the background header. It is somewhat difficult to read the preview of the post because of this. I also found it difficult to find what I was looking for on the site. There are…