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    Product of the Month

    This month I had a hard time picking out what my product would be for this. There hasn’t really been any new makeup that I love and there hasn’t really been a new skincare product that I am dying about. When I started looking in my drawers I realized that there was a new product I had just started using in February and it has made me feel different. If you guys have ever had a problem with finding the right shampoo, conditioner and other products for your hair, I got you covered. Monat has changed my hairs life so far and I have only been using it for the…

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    Favourite hair care products

    I had long hair for a majority of life and just recently I decided I wanted to chop it off. I cut my hair to the length of my shoulder so I had to come up with ways to wash and take care of it because it was now going to be super curly and hard to maintain. I have figured out my routine and now if I don’t use these products when I get out of the shower I get stressed out. Milkshake Shampoo & Conditioner – The reason why this is my favourite hair care duo is that not only does it keep my hair so smooth and healthy,…