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Self Confidence

I wanted to create a little story board showing you that it is okay to feel beautiful without makeup. Everyone is perfect in their own skin and you do not need makeup to look amazing all the time. It takes everyone a very long time to feel beautiful without makeup (at least it did for me) and now that I feel confident enough to not wear it, I love it.

I felt so self-conscious when I was in middle school because I thought boys would only like me if I was wearing makeup. I would get up early every morning to put on my concealer, mascara & bronzer because, in grade 7, I didn’t know what any other type of makeup was. I never had bad skin and I wasn’t trying to cover anything up, I just felt like I had to wear it otherwise people wouldn’t look at me the same or I wouldn’t feel as good about myself. I remember I wouldn’t even snapchat a picture without makeup at this time. This only lasted from grade 7-9 but I do remember that if there was a boy that I liked, I did not want them to see me without makeup. I still wouldn’t really go out without makeup, but I would talk to people on snapchat and would let them see my natural face. I don’t know why I was so self-conscious about something that I do not even care about now. Summer going into grade 10 I was in LA visiting one of my friends and we were going to Disneyland for the day. We had to get up super early so I remember I wanted to sleep in as long as possible and that would mean I had no time to put makeup on. It was one of the first times I really remember going out somewhere like that without makeup on and I really enjoyed it. Some of my friends were so confused as to why I wasn’t wearing makeup and I got questioned about it a lot because everyone wore it if they were going out somewhere. Nowadays I don’t even want to put makeup on and it feels like a task if I’m putting it on. Don’t get me wrong, sometimes I really enjoy the process of putting a full face of makeup on, but a lot of the time, I would prefer to go bare faced.

Hope someone reads this and learns that it is totally okay not to wear makeup all the time and you do not need it to look beautiful. Everyone is beautiful in their own skin. Thank you for reading!


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