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Product of the Month

This month I had a hard time picking out what my product would be for this. There hasn’t really been any new makeup that I love and there hasn’t really been a new skincare product that I am dying about. When I started looking in my drawers I realized that there was a new product I had just started using in February and it has made me feel different.

If you guys have ever had a problem with finding the right shampoo, conditioner and other products for your hair, I got you covered.

Monat has changed my hairs life so far and I have only been using it for the past month. I would suggest consulting with someone about their products so you know exactly what you are getting and making sure its right for your set of hair. I got my products in less than a week and they have different packages you can also get while purchasing a product. For example, I bought the VIP package which includes free shipping and 15% off everything + you get a free full-size product “just for you.”

The products I purchased were shampoo, conditioner and a split end mender because I put a lot of heat to my hair so I want to make sure I am taking care of it as well as I can. Now the product that I am in love with is the ‘Rejuvabeads Split end Mender’ I think this product has done wonders to my hair and every time I use it my hair comes out feeling soft and shiny (something I never experience unless I am getting a blowout). I would definitely recommend this product to anyone looking for something to help their damaged hair. I am so excited to purchase this product again!

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