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No makeup, makeup look

I really enjoy wearing makeup, but I don’t like making my face look super cakey. I had that phase and I do not plan on going through it EVER again. I was going through some old photos of mine and you can see just how much makeup I have on my face and let me tell you, I looked horrible.

This is not even a bad picture. You cannot tell that much but you can definitely can see I have A LOT more makeup on then what I wear now. This is the full works (foundation, concealer, powder, bronzer, blush, highlight, mascara, 2 different eyeliners, eyebrow gel, eyebrow pomade) there’s probs more that I am just forgetting cause like who uses that much stuff. Especially in grade 9. Thx mom for letting me out of the house like this.

I don’t think it looks very flattering, so I have figured out some ways on making my skin look natural and dewy while still using my favourite makeup products. I still do the full workup because I love applying makeup, I just find it so fun and satisfying. All the products will be linked down below!!

I have made a Youtube video applying all these products to my face so you guys can see exactly how I do it! Follow me on my Youtube channel to see more posts about makeup and fashion, I am going to try to post weekly but between BeautyBlondie, school, and Youtube, there is a lot of work that has to be put in and I don’t want to be putting out work that I am not proud of.

First thing you do, Primer. Primer is a must especially if you are planning on wearing this makeup all day. You want your face makeup to last and this is what will help. I recommend OG primer which is ‘Porefessional‘ this stuff works like magic and I have been using it since I started using makeup. They have different versions of this product too, one for a matte finish so if you have oily skin it is perfect for you.

Second, a good brow pencil (I do my makeup in a weird order, SORRY). The brows are so important for me because I have none. If you have big, dark bushy eyebrows, I am very jealous. Now a days I use a brow pencil from ‘Anastasia Beverly Hills’ and I only use it if i’m really feeling like going full out. Usually I will just use my brow gel from the same brand. This brand specializes in brows so it’s the one to go to. I just use a clear gel but a tinted one works too!

Once brows are done, concealer is your bff. I stopped wearing foundation in grade 10 probably because I realized how cakey my skin looked. I use my concealer around my eyes because I have the WORST dark circles. I also use it on any blemishes that might appear that day. My favourite concealer right now is ‘Milk Makeup’ concealer, it covers my dark circles (which is very hard to do) and it doesn’t crease or look to thick on my skin. I apply my concealer with a beauty blender because I think it makes the concealer go on flawlessly and super smoothly.

Bronzer has been my bff this winter because I have been so pale. You guys might be thinking “you skipped powder!!” This might come as a shock but I do not use powder on my face. I hate how it looks on my skin and I felt like it didn’t really do anything anyways when I wore foundation. Now that I just wear concealer I don’t think there is a point. I like to use a cream or powder bronzer, if I am going out somewhere fancy I use both but if I am just going shopping or to school, I will only use my powdered bronzer. I use a ‘Bobbie Brown’ bronzer because I think the colour doesn’t make me look too dark but it does bronze me up. Another good bronzer is the ‘Benefit’ Hoola bronzer which is pretty much the same colour as the one I use. I just apply this with a brush and just apply it to my cheekbones, forehead and anywhere else that needs some bronzing. I also take a small blending brush and put the bronzer in the crease of my eye so it creates some definition.

Blush is one of the hardest things for me because I don’t really like powdered blush. I already use a powdered bronzer so I feel like too many powders start to make your face look a little cakey. My go – to blush at the moment has been my ‘Glossier’ paint blush. It is the perfect pink (not to bright, not to dull) and it comes out looking like you have just been sun kissed. I put some on the apples of my cheek and the left over product on my nose so it looks natural and like I have been in the sun recently.

HIGHLIGHT, HIGHLIGHT, HIGHLIGHT!!!! My favourite step in my makeup routine. I go CRAAAAZYYY over a new highlighter, they are just so fun to play around with. I use 2 products of course because you can never have enough highlighter. I use a liquid one first from ‘Benefit’ and I apply it to my cheekbones with my beauty blender so you have a base for your powder. Then I use a powder highlight, I have been using my ‘Anastasia Beverly Hills’ palette because I like to mix two colours. I apply it with a highlighting brush to my cheekbones and then I take an eyeshadow brush and apply it to my nose, brow bone and the inner corner of my eye. You are then glowing to the gods.

Finally I apply mascara. I first have to curl my eyelashes because I have none and I want to make them as long as possible. I use a ‘Tarte’ eyelash curler and then my ‘Milk Makeup Kush Mascara’ and this has become my favourite mascara of all time. It makes my lashes look the way I want them to look and the mascara doesn’t start to flake off making your eyes look black underneath. I then apply a ‘Mac’ mascara to my lower lashes, nothing special about it, I just like how it looks. and

Me using the no makeup, makeup look

And voila! You finished your no makeup, makeup look. I will be posting a video of me doing this look on my youtube so keep your eyes peeled for that! This look probably takes me 6 minutes to do so it is super fast and easy, anyone can do it! I am sure there are dupes for these products as well so if you find any, let me know!!

Of course I think everyone is beautiful in their own skin without any makeup in general! It took me a long time to be confident to go out without any makeup on at all and now I prefer not putting anything on and just being natural. The process of applying makeup is super fun though and I really love it! Hope you all enjoyed reading!


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