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My FAV face masks

Okay. So. If you know me, you know I am ADDICTED to a good face mask. I am always on the hunt for new ones to try and I always find one but it never leaves that amazing of an impression on me. I was scrolling through Sephora last week and found myself on their sale page, thought I might try to find a steal. Two seconds later I find heaven in a website. I swear it was probs the best thing that happened to me last week.

I found Dr Jart+ rubber face masks on sale for 50% off. I knew it was a sign for me to get them. I had tried one of these masks before and I knew I already liked it so I thought, why not try them again. Good face masks for like $8 is pretty much unheard of so I knew I had to get A LOT of them to get my money’s worth. I ended up buying like 6 (two of each of the ones I wanted to try). Two clear skin lover, two bright lover & two hydration lover. I got them with free shipping and they arrived within like 2 days. It was amazing.

Dr Jart+ Rubber Face Masks

I usually try to save my face masks because I don’t want to use them when I don’t really need to, but I started to breake out so I thought that it was a perfect time to use the Clear skin lover mask. I am not kidding you when I say this mask has done wonders to my skin, it is literally magic and I do not understand how it works.

I kept the mask on for around 45ish minutes and when I took it off, I couldn’t see my breakouts anymore. You are probably like “lol yeah right, your so full of it” but I am not kidding. They didn’t magically disappear, but they were not as irritated and red or as bumpy as they were before the mask. I definitely have the mask to thank for that. Dr Jart+ makes some of the best masks I have tried and they are a pretty affordable price compared to other brands. There are so many different types of masks you can get that do all types of things to your skin. The last mask I used of his was this line of masks but the hydration one, and I kid you not, I had so many people tell me my face looked so glowy and hydrated.

I think everyone should go and try this mask because it will do wonders for your skin. Now is the time to buy it at Sephora. You will not be disappointed

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