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My Current Skincare Favourites

I am the type of person to use the same products until there is nothing left, so if I switch something before it is done, you know it’s doing something right. My eye is usually drawn towards something that is going to make my skin more dewy and highlighted.

As of right now I am dealing with some breakouts, which everyone knows is very annoying. You try to do anything you can to get those little buggers off your face. I have very sensitive skin so if I put something on my face that irritates me, I learn my lesson and never use the product again. It is hard to find what works for you, but I find that investing your coin into your skincare is the best way to go.

A lot of these products are new to me and I have used them throughout the past 2 months. I do this so I can see what the product is doing to my face and if it breaks me out or not. So far none of these products have made me break out (thank god) so I know they are good for sensitive skin. I have also been using some of these products for years so they are my absolute favourites! So here are some products that I love and I think you guys will too!

The body shops Tea Tree Oil: This product is a holy grail to me. I have been using it since I was in grade 7 and it was one of my first skincare purchases. I think that this tea tree oil is essential for everyone to have. I use it before I go to bed and put it on my breakouts and usually in the morning, they are all dried up. The Body Shop always has a deal going on so if your ever near one, I would highly suggest you to go and pick this sucker up.

Herbivore’s Instant Glow Mask: This is a recent purchase of mine and I am so glad I finally caved and bought it. It makes your skin feel so hydrated and fresh after you apply and it smells amazing too. I am a very nervous person when it comes to face masks because sometimes they end up leaving rashes on my skin for a good hour and a half and it does not look cute. With this mask it felt so refreshing once I put it on my skin and once I took it off, there were no problems with my face.

Clinique’s Dramatically Different Hydrating Jelly: Moisturizers are my favourite thing to buy. I have been using this one for about 3 months and it has done wonders to my skin. It gives me the dewy look when i’m not wearing makeup and it feels like water soaking into your skin. It is not thick at all and has not caused me to break out. Your face is left looking glowy all day once you apply it.

Philosophy’s Hope in a Jar Hydrating Mist: I was never that into mists or toners because of one bad experience I had a long time ago, but then one of my favourite YouTuber’s was using this and it made me want to try it. This mist is amazing, it is cooling spray and it hydrates your skin all in one. It is so easy to spritz on in the morning/night and it will always cool your face down no matter what. It just creates another layer of the dewy look you’r going for.

Bioderma’s Hydrabio H2O: I started using this product around 3 months ago and it is a game changer. I always thought I would get all my makeup off from a wipe, and then I used hydrabio H2O and I was disgusted as to how much makeup I was leaving on my face. There are three versions of this water and I purchased the one that hydrates your skin. It gets ALL of my makeup off my face and hydrates at the same time. If there is one product I believe you should buy out of any, it is this one. It is from the drugstore as well so just an added bonus.

Complete Lashes’s Accelerator: WOW. This accelerator works wonders. I had eyelash extensions for 2 years and I was left with nubs for lashes. I was so upset and thought I was going to have to live off of fake eyelashes for years because my lashes take so long to grow. I had tried many accelerators before as well and they never really worked. Once I got this one, I used it religiously and after a few months I had the longest eyelashes I have ever had in my life. No joke.

Neutrogena’s Deep Clean Purifying Cleanser/Mask: I bought this product again because a youtuber recommended it (i’m a sucker). This product is so cool because it is a 2 in 1. You can use it as a face mask and it will purify your whole face, or you can use it as a cleanser when your cleaning your face. I have used it both ways and as a mask it feels so good on my skin. It feels like it is digging deep down in my pores and I feel like i’m giving my skin an amazing facial.

Rosebud Perfume’s Rosebud Salve: Lastly but not least, lip balm. I think lip balm is one of the most important parts of my skin care routine. I have to have lip balm everywhere I go. I’m the type of person to have a tube in my car, beside my bed, in every purse and in my bathroom. Lips always have to be moisturized. This lip balm is an OG favourite of mine, I have used it since I new what lip balm was and it has always made my lips soft and moisturized. If you don’t like a tin version they also have a tub so don’t worry, you don’t have to miss out!

Hope you all enjoy these products as much as I do! Let me know what you go out and buy!


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  • Alice Fleerackers

    Hi Sofia,

    Thanks for this awesome roundup! Your reviews are personal, informative, honest, and concise, and your tone is clear and relatable. I like that you’ve included visuals and links where possible so that readers can find out more with just a single click. The tags are a nice touch too!

    Keep up the good work,

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